<![CDATA[day camp Staten Island - Blog]]>Fri, 20 Nov 2015 16:24:04 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Day Camps Are Beneficial for the Children]]>Thu, 01 Oct 2015 14:02:48 GMThttp://day-camp-staten-island.weebly.com/blog/day-camps-are-beneficial-for-the-children            All camps can be beneficial for the children, but there are a couple of main types of camps – day camp and a sleep away camp. If you think that your child is still too young and not yet ready for a sleep away, then the day camp is the best option. The child will get the best possible camp experience and will still sleep in its own home. Children who go to day camp Staten Island learn lots of valuable life experiences. For example, their confidence is rising, they get to be more independent and responsible, their social skills improve a lot and they also get to be involved in many interesting physical activities. In any case, the children are constantly entertained and enjoy their experience. They also get to make many new friends in the camp.
            When children go to a day camp, they get to do lots of fun outside activities and tell jokes with children at their own age. Today, the children are often busy and spend too much time on their electronic devices such as smart phones or tablets, but if they attend a camp they will get to appreciate the nature more and will get plenty of sunshine too. Other good thing is that they will most likely learn a new skill in the camp, which will be very useful for them later in life. They can learn how to be a part of the group, how to be more creative and artistic, and they can also learn how to swim or ride a horse. What is good about these camps is that kids can be kids and can have lots of fun, without worrying about anything.
            All children should experience going to a day camp. That way they will spend some time away without their parents. This is beneficial because they will develop good skills to make new friends, to learn new activities, to take care of their things alone and they will take bigger risks. All of the skills they learn would be very beneficial later in life when they grow up. The staff in these camps is also properly trained and knows how to work with children. They set lots of new challenges for the kids, so they could make bigger risks and be brave. When the children return home, they are happier and more confident, knowing that they have learned new things and made new friends.